AI for Deep Understanding and Decision Making in Your Daily Life

Truvu (pronounced True View) AI aims to provide tools and products to make deep learning accessible to everyone.

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Putting AI to work for you!

Truvu AI is focused on creating a world where technology seamlessly integrates with your life and provides you with the means to get things done way more efficiently like the superhero you are. Imagine having access to a genius who works only to make your life work more smoothly.

What Drives Us


What You Want

Completely customizable, and constantly innovating to bring you more and more services on the cutting edge of technology.

Where You Want It

Services when and where you need them, including mobile, desktop, and virtual personal assistants (Amazon Echo and Google Home).

How You Want It

Driven by your personal preferences, not dictated by the corporate overlords.

Made with Love

You have to make your websites with love these days!

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